Notice: You must agree to our guidelines to participate in our convoys! Please visit the Guidelines page. By partipating, you are AGREEING to the guidelines, and agreeing to the TruckersMP Rules.

To play American Truck Simulator, and Euro Truck Simulator 2, you must have the games first. These games must be a “Steam” game. In otherwords, they are connected to your steam account, and listed in your Steam library.

Once you have the game(s) installed, you must have 2 hours logged in Single Player Mode. The you can proceed to install the multiplayer mod called TruckersMP. I have created a short video on installing and configuring the TruckersMP mod.

Remember you need to link your Steam account with TruckersMP, this verifies you own a ligit copy of the game.

Once connected to the miltiplayer game you can now connect to our Discord server. This is the public invite to access our server:

Here is a short video on setting up Discord to use Push To Talk (PTT), that our server requires.

We always start our convoys from Tuscon, AZ. We typically use the Europe 2 Server, and we start at 5pm CST weeknights. See you in Tucson!


TruckersMP Website
Download Discord
Public Discord Invite
American Truck Simulator on Steam
Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Steam
BulletStorm Gaming Discord