June Challenge 2018

June Challenges: $40.00 in give aways!!!

There will be 4 separate give-a-ways for $10.00 each!  Thank you again to the ALL Sponsors and ALL those that give for making these challenges possible!!  All winners must be a member of the BulletStorm Gaming discord and have logged at least 100 miles into the company with trucksbook to qualify for any of these challenges.  There will be two drawings for mileage and two drawings for recruiting new drivers into the company.

Mileage Challenge:
*Top 5 will receive 2 entries.
*Top 6-10 will receive 1 entry.
*Includes speeding and non speeding miles.
*One winner for ETS
*One winner for ATS
* Prize is a $10 gift card from either steam or amazon.

Recruitment Challenge:
*The person being recruited must join discord
(doesn’t have to speak in voice).
*Also they must join BST in trucksbook
(ask them to put your name in the application as recruiter).
*New recruit must log at least 100 miles during one of Bullet’s convoy’s before the end of June.
*There will be one drawing for the recruiters and one drawing for the recruitee.  So the more you recruit the more chances you will have of winning.
*Prize is a $10 gift card from either steam or amazon.

And… after your recruitee has joined the company they now can start recruiting for even more entries to win.

If you are not in the company and would like more information find out out to join here:  http://www.bulletstormtrucking.com/join-bst/

Here is a video explanation: https://youtu.be/EqUaqD8s-Aw

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