ATS Special Transport DLC

So yesterday was the first time I have tried the Special Transport DLC, I have never bought it in ETS2, because I never play that game in single player. I didn’t really know what to expect, quite honestly.

So I went to the VOLVO dealer in Tucson and traded in my unwanted Peterbuilt 389, anyone who knows me knows I’m a Kenworth man!

Once I had the new truck, it was time to take on a Special Transport. I found the 20×20 foot box going from Phoenix Transport in Phoenix AZ to Sierra Vista AZ. I was impressed with the police escorts and all the escorts blocking the ramps on Interstate 10.

I managed to deliver the load safely and in a timely manner even though it seemed to take forever. 28 mph on the interstate is painstakingly slow!

The AI traffic are a bit off the charts though… they were passing left and right when they had no business overtaking me.

Overall this was a GREAT experience, one that I look forward to having again and again! It was well worth the $4.99usd that it cost. Thanks SCS Software! It was worth waiting for the ATS version to be released.

LadyBullet’s August Challenge

LadyBullet’s Bulldozer Challenge!!

Starts August 1st (Trucksbook time zone)

This will be a drawing for top 10 ATS miles.
(speeding and non speeding miles added together).

ONLY the loads with a bulldozer will count.
[heavy haul dozer will count too]

1. Must be in the BST company.
2. Must log miles in Trucksbook under BST.
3. Must be present during bullets stream during the drawing to win.
4. Must fill out simple google entry form before July 28, 2018

Prize: $5.00 steam card. Top five will get two entries.
AND –> if the winner of drawing is in top five then their prize will be double!! ($10 steam card)

Hope to see some dozer convoys in the near future!!!

Amazon Prime Day Sales

Welcome to Bullet’s Prime Day Deals!!!

Deals will start July 16th at 3pm ET An epic day (and a half) of Amazon’s best DEALS!!!

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Don’t forget to check the BulletStorm Gaming Discord on the 16th!!!

ATS Public Convoy is MOVING!

ATS and ETS2 are swapping nights!

The NEW convoy schedule is:

  • ETS2 Public Convoy’s on Monday @ 6:00 pm CST
  • ATS Public Convoy’s on Fridays @ 6:00 pm CST

In our live streams, we meet in the game, in Tucson, AZ on the Europe 2 server. We use Europe 2 because there are less people on the server in the evenings.

Join us on any of our live streams or watch past streams on YouTube.

Live Streams:

June Challenge 2018

June Challenges: $40.00 in give aways!!!

There will be 4 separate give-a-ways for $10.00 each!  Thank you again to the ALL Sponsors and ALL those that give for making these challenges possible!!  All winners must be a member of the BulletStorm Gaming discord and have logged at least 100 miles into the company with trucksbook to qualify for any of these challenges.  There will be two drawings for mileage and two drawings for recruiting new drivers into the company.

Mileage Challenge:
*Top 5 will receive 2 entries.
*Top 6-10 will receive 1 entry.
*Includes speeding and non speeding miles.
*One winner for ETS
*One winner for ATS
* Prize is a $10 gift card from either steam or amazon.

Recruitment Challenge:
*The person being recruited must join discord
(doesn’t have to speak in voice).
*Also they must join BST in trucksbook
(ask them to put your name in the application as recruiter).
*New recruit must log at least 100 miles during one of Bullet’s convoy’s before the end of June.
*There will be one drawing for the recruiters and one drawing for the recruitee.  So the more you recruit the more chances you will have of winning.
*Prize is a $10 gift card from either steam or amazon.

And… after your recruitee has joined the company they now can start recruiting for even more entries to win.

If you are not in the company and would like more information find out out to join here:

Here is a video explanation: