ATS Special Transport DLC

So yesterday was the first time I have tried the Special Transport DLC, I have never bought it in ETS2, because I never play that game in single player. I didn’t really know what to expect, quite honestly.

So I went to the VOLVO dealer in Tucson and traded in my unwanted Peterbuilt 389, anyone who knows me knows I’m a Kenworth man!

Once I had the new truck, it was time to take on a Special Transport. I found the 20×20 foot box going from Phoenix Transport in Phoenix AZ to Sierra Vista AZ. I was impressed with the police escorts and all the escorts blocking the ramps on Interstate 10.

I managed to deliver the load safely and in a timely manner even though it seemed to take forever. 28 mph on the interstate is painstakingly slow!

The AI traffic are a bit off the charts though… they were passing left and right when they had no business overtaking me.

Overall this was a GREAT experience, one that I look forward to having again and again! It was well worth the $4.99usd that it cost. Thanks SCS Software! It was worth waiting for the ATS version to be released.

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