TruckersMP Rules

TruckersMP Rules

Official Rules
§1 Account

You are responsible for your own account. When rules are being broken, we will punish the account that broke them, no matter who was playing at that time.
§2 Driving offenses

This is a simulator, no racing game. By playing this game, you understand that you have to drive carefully and that committing one of the following offenses can get you banned. While Driving in TruckersMP, users are required to follow the traffic laws of the respective country.
§2.1 Horn Spamming

Purposely holding your horn down for a prolonged period of time or anything similar.
§2.2 Racing

Having races or anything similar. This excludes races occurring on the Arizona Race Track.
§2.3 Incorrect Way

Traveling the incorrect way down the road or anything similar.
§2.4 Inappropriate Overtaking

Overtaking in an area of extremely low FPS, in areas with large amounts of traffic such as in Europoort, overtaking resulting in an accident or anything similar. This also includes overtaking on any 1 lane in each direction road where there is excessive traffic.
§2.5 Ramming

Purposely causing damage to another user’s truck, attempting to cause a collision into another users truck or anything similar.
§2.6 Blocking

Restricting a user’s travel path, blocking entrances to highways or other entry points or anything similar.
§2.7 Hacking/Speedhacking/Bug abusing

Using artificial tools to change gameplay, using cheat engine in order to bypass the speeding limiter or anything similar.
§2.8 Inappropriate Parking

Parking or stopping in areas of high population for no reason such as Rotterdam Port or anything similar, using the designated car parks is fine (This is fine when there is low traffic in the area). Parking or stopping is always forbidden in No Parking Zones (pictures in second post, see forum thread In-game rules). This now includes the Calais to Duisburg road during excessive traffic.
§2.9 Unsupported Mods

Using unsupported mods that cause game crashes.
§2.10 Driving without lights or Ghost driving

Driving in the dark (between 7PM and 7AM game time) without lights is forbidden. From 7PM (19:00) to 7AM (07:00), headlights must be on.
§2.11 Exiting map boundaries

It is forbidden to drive outside of the map boundaries, including spots inaccessible by normal driving, unless the player is an official In-Game Admin or anything similar.
§2.12 Useless traffic in excessively high population areas

Useless traffic in excessively high population areas such as Europoort, Rotterdam or the Calais to Duisburg road. Driving without reason to and from or anything similar. If you are in the area of Europort, you are expected to use the port or you are running the risk of punishment.
§2.13 Inappropriate Convoy Management

Groups (and Individuals) which offer services such as piloting a convoy, or directing trucks during a convoy are not allowed to block, or slow down, traffic in any way, shape, or form.
§2.14 Trolling

Trolling other users/annoying/blocking/ramming in the goal of disturbing other players or by pretending to be someone you are not or similar.
§2.15 Car with trailer

Cars are not allowed to pull trailers. It looks weird and can actually cause reckless driving.
§2.16 Car Abuse of Pilot Paintjob

Acting as administration, or otherwise abusing the Pilot paintjob. Please note: We prefer only 2 Pilot cars per convoy depending on size.
§2.17 Excessive Save Editing – UPDATED

Modifying your vehicle to include car parts on your truck or truck parts on your car. This includes paintjobs.
Adding an excessive amount of beacons, lights, bullbars, horns, or similar to your truck and also includes any large horns or beacons on your bullbar or front bar.
When editing a truck, trailer, or other content through save editing, you must follow the Mod Guidelines.
No more beacons than allowed by the game by default, no changing the vehicles hitbox, no beacons on bullbars/bumpers or similar.
Your vehicle must be functional.
Only one full-length trailer is allowed.
The 0 ton trailer mod is not allowed since it looks like speedhack.
§2.18 Reckless Driving

Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe, driving backwards, wrong way, failing to yield, ignoring other players and rules.
§2.19 Excessive use of beacons

You may not use/turn on any beacons in high traffic areas, such as Rotterdam, Europoort, and the Calais-Duisburg road.
§2.20 Doubles and triples – UPDATED

You are not allowed to save edit the double or triple trailers, except for changing the paintjob only.
On ETS2, doubles are only allowed inside the Scandinavia DLC.
§2.21 Freeroam and Non Collision Servers

Rules that don’t apply on these servers:

§2.2 Racing
§2.3 Incorrect Way
§2.4 Inappropriate Overtaking
§2.5 Ramming
§2.6 Blocking
§2.8 Inappropriate Parking
§2.10 Driving without lights or Ghost driving
§2.11 Exiting map boundaries
§2.12 Useless traffic in excessively high population areas
§2.13 Inappropriate Convoy Management
§2.15 Car with trailer
§2.18 Reckless Driving
Driving rules, such as wrong way, blocking, ramming, inappropriate overtaking, reckless driving, etc. do not apply on servers highlighted as either Freeroam or Non Collision (in their name).
Other rules (such as hacking, CB radio abuse, insulting, and everything else) still apply.
§3 Behaviour offenses

Apart from driving rules, there are also rules regarding in-game behaviour.
§3.1 Username/Tag/Avatar

Having inappropriate usernames/tags/avatars including those with insults, usernames with no text, any with swearing in them, names matching administration, law enforcement organizations, any current living or deceased political leader, otherwise inappropriate content and symbols, or similar. This also includes tags or usernames that would indicate that you are a “Forum Mod”, “TS3 Admin”, “Admin”, “Police”, “Security” or similar and in any language.
§3.2 Inappropriate License/Interior Plates

Having inappropriate text on license plates on your truck, either as your licence plate or interior to your vehicle. This includes swearing, and anything that lists you as a staff member, insults or otherwise offensive text.
§3.3 Impersonating Administration

It is forbidden to impersonate administration or act as law enforcement such as police. This includes tags, username, paintjobs, lights, etc that would indicate you are an administrator.
§3.4 Inappropriate use of language and communication

Using insults, swearing or any inappropriate words against other players and staff members.
Racism, discrimination or discussing/expressing (extreme) political situations.
Illegal or inappropriate expressions
Pornographic content
Links to unsafe websites
This can situationally apply on other services as well as TruckersMP.

Depending on the severity of the context and content used, certain expressions such as “noob” and “idiot” are allowed. Abuse will result in a punishment.
§3.5 Chat Spamming

Using the in-game chat abusively, repeating the same message 3+ times in a row in 1 minute within a populated area. Convoy control exempt for the purposes of directing a convoy alone.
§3.6 Report Spamming or Abuse

Spam use of the report function in game or on the website. Reporting a user multiple times with the same evidence through web reports. Using web reports to complain about bans.
§3.7 Ban Evading

Creating another account to get around a temp ban / perm ban. If evidence points that you have ban evaded, administrators reserve the right to ban you again without notification.
§3.8 Bullying/Harassment

Leaving abusive comments on report videos and otherwise continually harassing users.
§3.9 CB Abuse

Trolling the voice chat in any way. Harassing other users, mic spam etc.
§3.10 Desync Exploiting

Attempting to use desync in order to cause damage to another users truck is forbidden.
§4 Ping Issues

If your ping is over 600ms to the server, you will be disconnected from the server in order to avoid desync issues for others. This ping check is taken as an average.
§5 Overtaking (Author: VavelOnline)

This is a very simple how-to guide on how to overtake (and be overtaken) properly. The first thing you should be aware of is DESYNC. Basically, what you see on your screen is not always what the other players are seeing. This might cause (unintentional) ramming in many situations. To counter that effect, here’s some practical information that you should always follow.
When overtaking

Start your overtaking maneuver when you are at least 60m from the truck in front of you (you can always check the distances using the TAB key).
Stay in line
When you checked that the other driver is 100m behind you, you can start merging back.
Alternatively, if you see the other driver turn its lights on, or hear him honk 2 short times, it means that you can merge back safely from his point of view, even if you’re not 100m ahead. In that case, it’s nice to thank him using the left-right-left-right blinker signal. Note that high beams would normally be used IRL, but cannot be seen for now in the MP game. When being overtaken

Stay in line
If you’re riding at 90 km/h, it is nice to slow down a little so the other driver has a chance to overtake you.
When there’s enough distance between you and the overtaker (60m should be enough), turn your lights on (or honk 2 short times if it’s night time and your lights are already turned on) to signal that he can merge back safely. Let’s hope everybody follow these rules, and the road will be a lot safer.

§6 How bans are issued

The first 3 bans issued are at admin discretion.
The 4th ban is 1 month.
The 5th ban is 3 months.
The 6th ban is permanent with no chance of undo.
Any bans further than 12 months before the current ban are ignored under this rule. This is considered the cooling off period. User has 3 bans, all within a year, add the 4th ban. User has 3 bans, first ban is over a year old. Then new ban is 3rd.
If you have at least two history bans of the same length in your ban history, admins may extend your ban to the next ban history length, regardless of how many bans you have had in the last year. For example, if you have already had two 1 month bans, your next ban can be extended to 3 months. If you have two 3 month bans, your ban can be extended to perm.
§7 Reporting users

If you are reporting users on our website, please note that most rules do require video evidence to see clearly what is happening. Offenses such as insulting and such are fine with screenshots but as a general rule of thumb, a video is better.
§8 Deleting account

We will not delete your account, we can however ban your account permanently if you wish to leave. Once you want to return, you can appeal this ban. This ban will be deleted and not count towards the ban extending procedure mentioned in §6 How bans are issued.
§9 Staff and TruckersMP

Administrators reserve the right to kick or ban you from the Truckers MP servers at any point if needed. We ask that if you are banned that you create a ban appeal and not private message any member of the staff team. The servers, mod and admins are provided free of charge for everyone and in that sense, everyone is a guest on the servers and it is a privilege that can be removed at any time. No form of persecution or offence toward any other members or staff team members will be permitted. We reserve the right to remove your right to access the servers at any time and at our discretion. Please note that the creators of the TruckersMP mod are not linked to SCS in any way, shape, or form.
§10 Appealing and filing a complaint

If you have been banned, you have a right of appeal at If you feel that your ban appeal is not handled correctly or that you want to file a complaint against a staff member, use the feedback system. This feedback system is your last option. Any decision made by high ranked staff members will be final and can not be appealed in another way.
Evidence for bans is required to be available for the duration of the ban plus 1 month. It is not possible to contact any member of the TruckersMP staff about bans that expired over a month ago.
§11 Changing these rules

TruckersMP can change these rules at any time given. If one of those rules does not apply anymore, the others will still do. By playing our mod, you agree to all of these rules. You have no excuse that you didn’t know about them.
§12 Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

By agreeing to these rules, you also agree to our terms of service and our privacy policy.